Bespoke tailoring for Women: Haute Couture

Haute couture, a Parisian tradition dating symbolically from 1868, has always been totally indissociable from the feminine tailor-made, and is opposed to ready-to-wear. In the following years, we can distinguish between “petite couture”, “Medium seam”, and haute couture.

The regulations issued after the War by the Chambre Syndicale specify that haute couture models “must be reproduced on the client’s measure by the company itself … and include one or more fittings on the client or her mannequin”. Each collection of the great couturier presents several achievements, often in the state of prototype; These are then made to order, the customer can modify options like fabric, lengths, neckline.

The seamstress “first workshop”, for having realized the original model, generally takes care of This command, and supervises the taking of measurements and then fittings. Tailor-made can also be done on a custom wooden dummy for clients who can not move. In the same way, some shoes have a form of wood, sort of molding of the foot, for its most prestigious clients.

For women, tailor-made for clothing, but also for shoes or handbags. The big shoes world, such as Christian Louboutin for example, offer a service sometimes large or more often small, and the leatherman Fendi offers some of its bags in small measure with various options.

Source Wikipedia