бразильская мода- что мы о ней знаем?

What do we really know about Brazilian fashion? It is always very bright and has daring combinations of clothes, shoes and accessories, often with flashy makeup with elements of gold, green and yellow, unusual neon colors with gold and sequins. I want to immediately acknowledge the presence  #SPFW in social media networks, and the work was done with the fast provision of information and photos, announcements, partnership with fashion bloggers and designers to quickly and accurately post photos and info every day throughout the Fashion Week. With the timely updating of the photos it was possible to choose the most interesting things of each brand presented at this Fashion Week in Sao Paulo. I made a series of posts with SPFW of each brand by selecting the most interesting trends, and in this post I want to talk about the trends that were present at Fashion Week in Sao Paulo.

brazilian fashion sao paulo fashion week БРАЗИЛЬСКАЯ МОДА - ЧТО МЫ О НЕЙ ЗНАЕМ?

Instagram plays a key role during the SPFW, as well as SNAPCHAT. Also, the fact is that Brazilian designers and models all have Instagram accounts that provide rapid exchange of information. I want to note the account @SPFW itself is present in Instagram and Twitter, where every day it was possible to get the latest updates about the brands and events. No wonder Brazilian Fashion Week is considered one of the most successfully highlighted events in the world.

Brazilian Fashion Trends in Sao Paulo, which showed us Brazilian designers in April 2016 include the multifaceted styles and images that can be easily identified with all Brazilian designers. Courage, freedom and sexuality are always present in each collection. Summer 2017 – this is our winter from December 2016 to February 2017, however, the Brazilian winter there on the podium can be traced by the elements of “winter” clothes, which are mainly knitted dresses, jeans, and jeans jackets. Also in the collections there are a lot of swimsuits, which possibly indicate the winter in the north of the country – there is year-round 35C.


The first, and one of the essential trends for the Brazilian Fashion Week – it’s patriotic, with Brazilian motifs and emphasizing Brazilian individuality. Many things done in this style – are fascinating and they take a very long time to consider, offering us to study every detail. Distinctive Brazilian items are perfectly combined with bright colors and complement them. High competition in the Brazilian fashion market shows that each year the collections are becoming more creative and fun, plus there are added more and more designers.

Second – street style with one or more delicious, boldly selected elements, the purpose of which is to look chic on the street.

Third – good news for lovers of all possible undulating parts of clothing – it is more devoted to a beach theme, and it is interesting to see whether this trend will be picked up.


Fourth – the elements of the stars, and the stars of the sky is also among the trends in several collections of Brazilian designers. It is mainly observed in sportswear and swimsuits.

Fifth – the massive belts, bows and scarves – many Brazilian designers consider a musthave for beach and for casual style.

Sixth – bright neon citrus colors. Brazil without bright colors – is not Brazil. Therefore, this trend is constantly in Brazilian fashion, which sets it apart from the fashion shows of the rest of the world. World of color and freedom in the Brazilian collections can clearly be seen and very effectively complemented with bright make-up and accessories.

isabelacapeto-spfw-verao17-lookbook-28 БРАЗИЛЬСКАЯ МОДА - ЧТО МЫ О НЕЙ ЗНАЕМ? БРАЗИЛЬСКАЯ МОДА - ЧТО МЫ О НЕЙ ЗНАЕМ?

It is noteworthy that the Brazilian fashion comes to Europe, often a year or even two later, some trends remain for a long time, and some do not even reach it.