coconut oil detox

Good morning!

I want to write a few lines about a make-up detox 🙂

Everyone has their own rules at the expense of makeup and care, it’s all very individual, and sometimes it seems that society is forcing not only to buy a lot of skincare products, but also to wear makeup regularly. I think that everyone should do as he wants, and not to pay much attention to media pressure and imposed trends. The more comfortable for you – the better. There are girls who never go out without make-up and use it every single day, and there are those who rarely wear makeup and prefer their regular skincare routine instead.

I support the idea to make it as comfortable as possible and to feel confident. So I do my makeup only when I want to and when there is a mood / event / etc that will help me feel comfortable and confident in a certain situation. And yes, I am sure – the less we put makeup on our faces – the better for the health of the skin. This is of course an obvious fact, but the rules of society, “responsibilities” and trends are slightly different, that is why many do their makeup because of someone’s opinion, sometimes without thinking why. I definitely FOR the breaks from makeup, FOR various SPA salon procedures/ SPA at home, with the comfort and confidence and for a reasonable use of a variety of cosmetics. And I think that in the first place of course is the moisturizing the skin in many different ways 🙂

And do you take a break from your make-up routine? If yes, how?