coconut oil

Good morning! I would like to say a few words about my vision of the perfect skin care. Now, there are so many skincare options that various brands offer. But everyone decides for themselves what suits them at the moment. Skin Care – is one of the most basic and popular issues in the industry, and of course the views on the benefits differ. I believe that everyone’s needs are very individual and everyone should try it yourself and decide – to continue to use or not. There are many opinions and “rules” how to properly care for your skin and what products should be used every day. Some use up to 5 skin products in the day, and some up to 20. There are also those who like to use “the mood” or as needed, with a minimum set of products for each day of 1-3 pieces (me actually 🙂 ) .

My favorite’s skin care product is oil. It delivers maximum benefit and effect and minimum cost. I love coconut, almond and olive oils and they can completely replace the entire skincare line, and even makeup remover. The only negative thing is that the use on the road is not very convenient, and the weight of glass packaging is a bit heavy. But for home, using oils – is ideal for me. So I keep all the rest of the means to care for those occasions when I go somewhere, or when you need to take the product with you.

Oils have is a huge advantage over all other means – the naturalness and effectiveness of use. All other tools produced by the companies you should try to understand what’s right for you. Oils are suitable for all, the question is which one is the best fit and which one you love the most.

Of course, skincare issue is very complex and multifaceted for every individual, so there are no clear recommendations. You can only try various means if you are in search of a particular product, or you are looking for a better option than your current product. Now is the time of innovation and there is a lot of different products and new brands. Therefore, advertising and reviews exist precisely in order to show what’s new on the market, or also some bestsellers / must haves are worth paying attention to, as many consider them the best. You can choose as a natural / organic products or the standard range of any skincare brand – though mass -market, or luxury – it is left to your discretion. The main thing is that you should like the product and it should be effective for you.

What kind of skincare products do you prefer?