Pre Spring 18

The youngest established designer in fashion scene Anna K has launched a new collection for Pre Spring 18. The main inspiration for Pre Spring 18 is Shakespeare’s, Juliet. The story is about the young and inspired girl who just met her dreaming prince. This collection perfectly shows the mood of the girl in love. Pre Spring 18 is very feminine, sentimental, dreamy and playful that totally reflect the brand’s DNA. This time the expression has been reinterpreted as a combination of pureness and strength because the Juliet from Pre Spring 18 doesn’t live in the 16th century, she is a modern and sophisticated girl. This idea is transferred with the help of the key element of Pre Spring 18 – plentifulness of grid which adds a sense of impertinence. Anna already used this element before in her previous collections, but in the new collection she opened this from another perspective and it became an iconic piece.

Pre Spring 18 Anna K Pre Spring 18 Anna K

In Pre Spring 18 Anna K makes an accent on the iconic colour of the brand- pink that ideally harmonise with white, black and red. Among the combination of different colours, Pre Spring is focusing on mixing various fabrics and excessive use of details. Japanese cotton, rep ribbon, transparent textile create a fashionable piece with the strong message. The main decorative component of Pre Spring 18 are pearls which match the true brand’s universe. The collection is a wide range of dresses, skirts, tops, blouses, T-shirts, jeans jackets and coats.

Pre Spring 18 Collection Pre Spring 18 Collection