Russian Fashion

Russian fashion is a bit foggy for some, as it has a lot of “inspired styles” from other countries and fast fashion (this one is kind of the same anywhere in the world) influence. What unites runways / Russian designers and streets of Russia is the thrive to look the best way possible, especially if you are 15-40. Russian fashion does not have a classic approach of the trends like for example you can see clearly in Milan.

In Russia, the fashion designers and people in the streets do not have much in common. China still is and probably forever will be the most influential country for fashion trends in former Soviet Union Countries. China, which gets its trends from the worldwide fashion trends and runways, offers multiple choices for Russians and offers the best prices via its channels and distributors. Markets and private stores, drop shipping services and popular Chinese online stores and marketplaces all contribute to such powerful influence, where even fast fashion from the well-known stores can be often considered a luxury.

Luxury among fashion lovers, in turn, is something “approved” abroad, made by Italian designers or similar level specialists in other countries, and Russian designers can be sometimes considered a side-fashion option and they have a special place in certain cities, forming its own niche, probably reflecting something more native and special for those who value fashion. Below are some of the runway and street fashion styles from Russia.

Russian Fashion 2017 Russian Fashion 2017 Russian Fashion 2017 Russian Fashion 2017 Russian Fashion 2017 Russian Fashion 2017

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