Good Morning! In this post I would like to show classic AMWAY items: Glister toothpaste, Glister mouthwash and Artistry Lip Gloss (it’s soooo SPRING and sooo great!!!). What I use every day is a Glister toothpaste, which I have been using since I was 12. From time to time we had this toothpaste at home and now it’s very nostalgic to use it again. It cleanses softly and you need a small quantity of it to use. I use it twice a day and I should use Glister mouthwash at least once a day but I often forget, as well as flossing 🙂 So I use it once in 2 days in average, usually after lunch and dinner.

Lip Gloss – this is my first lip gloss from AMWAY, as previously I used only lipsticks. It’s almost transparent, as it has small glitter (shimmer maybe, not sure what it is called 🙂 ) and when there is a sunny day your lips shine so beautifully and this gloss stays a good amount of time on your lips, it does not disappear and it’s not sticky at all. I love wearing it separately from my lipstick, and I just apply a lip balm and then the lip gloss. This works great for me.

Have you tried these products from AMWAY? What’s your #MustHave?

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