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White crochet dresses are always one of the best choices for shopaholics. In several well-known international fashion shows such as London fashion show, we can find the appearance of fashionable white crochet dresses. As for me, white crochet dresses are furthermore the most chic and alluring outfits all the time. Today I will introduce you the most attractive white crochet dresses in 2017. The following pics are from YoShop.com, one of my favorite stores, where I have orders several times there. And every item at YoShop is perfect.

  1. Simple Scoop Collar Sleeveless Spliced Solid Color See-Through Women’s Dress 

If you enjoy going beach with your friends, this white crochet dress is most suitable for you. Simple sccop collar, sleeveless spliced solid color and the edge cutting will ensure you to swiftly be the focus of the public attention.

Simple Scoop Collar










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  1. Sexy Deep V Neck Sleeveless Lace-Up Guipure Lace Women’s Dress

The reason why I recommend this dress is that the element of deep V neck and sleeveless lace-up guipure lace hug the figure in a sexy as well as flattering way!

Sexy Deep V










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  1. Sweet Flare Sleeve Lace Blouse and Black Suspender Skirt Women’s Twinset

Stepping out with this white crochet dress with a black suspender skirt enables you to be so cute. Right?

Flare Sleeve Lace Blouse










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That’s all. I anticipate that my sharing can be helpful for you and now it is high time that you took a look at YoShop.com.

Mikaella Bridal Designer Wedding Dresses UK

One of the most important details in the life of every woman is the wedding dress. Women dream about it since childhood, long before they are proposed and carefully engaged in preparation for the wedding. Wedding dress charms and attracts the eyes of visitors. Therefore, not every bride attends a bridal salon, tried on a huge number of dresses to finally find her dress. After all, almost every woman wants to get a wedding dress or better said the most magical wedding dress for her wedding. We will start with the list of London Wedding Dress Designers (definitely they are considered one of the best in the world). [the photos and links are clickable]

When in London… well, here is the list for your wonderful London or Online experience:

#1 London’s Premiere Bridal Boutique http://londonbridecouture.com

#1 London's Premiere Bridal Boutique http://londonbridecouture.com


#2 Ellis Bridals http://www.ellisbridals.co.uk/

#2 Ellis Bridals http://www.ellisbridals.co.uk/


#3 London Bride UK http://londonbrideuk.com

#3 London Bride UK http://londonbrideuk.com


#4 Caroline Castigliano http://www.carolinecastigliano.com

#4 Caroline Castigliano http://www.carolinecastigliano.com

#5 Suzanne Neville http://www.suzanneneville.com

#5 Suzanne Neville http://www.suzanneneville.com

Wedding Dresses for the non-traditional & classic Bride 2017

Another Fashion Week that highlighted latest wedding trends is over, which means that it is time to analyze fashion trends in wedding fashion in 2017. Are you ready to see the most beautiful wedding dresses fashionable in 2017? Learn all the trends in wedding fashion which must know each bride and see new items in 2017!

At the Bridal Fashion Week in New York and Barcelona had a lot of beautiful wedding dresses which will dream bride 2017. The delicious wedding dresses for classic bride, and for “non-traditional” – a bold and original. But the choice of “that” always dress for the bride. And fashion designers and wedding brands in 2017 give us a huge selection of wedding dresses. You want advice from a stylist? Do not be afraid to try on wedding dresses that are different from what you dreamt when you were a child. Maybe it is the wedding dress will be for you, “thereby”.

Key fashion trends of wedding dresses in 2017:  If your wedding will be held in 2017 and you want to stay on top of fashion trends – for you my guide to trends in wedding fashion in 2017.

Trend – High collar

Perhaps one of the most exciting fashion trends in the world of wedding dresses. Collar Front is a compulsory part of the classic wedding dress of the late 19th and early 20th century, which we almost never seen in recent years. But the wedding dress with high collar 2017 – is not only for a classic wedding dresses, but wedding dresses and bold, in which translucent mesh and organza plays an exciting game of “visible-not visible”.

Wedding Dresses for the non-traditional & classic Bride 2017

Trend – Delicate pastel

For several seasons, pink is a key fashion color for brides. The Wedding Collection 2017, we see it represented again in many colors, from delicate powdery pink to bright magenta.

In spring and summer 2017 soft blue is also a good alternative if you do not like pink, but you want a beautiful color wedding dress unusual color.

Main [TRENDS] in Wedding 2017 | Dresses and more

Fashion does not stand still, if we talk about wedding dresses, and this has been demonstrated in all its glory at Fashion Week in New York. At the event were presented collections of fashion houses the wedding industry, which lifted the veil of secrecy over the wedding trends in 2017. First of all, we note that the traditional wedding dress has retained its position, although there were some trends, elements, components and latest mobile trends that are definitely worth to pay attention to them.

During Fashion Week, wedding fashion designers presented many dresses with long sleeves. It is believed that Kate Middleton was the first who brought the fashion for long, lace sleeves, which give the dress elegance and simplicity. However, if the upper part of the dress, shoulders and arms of the bride are decorated with fabric and additional material, it does not mean that the dress should look simple. Most presented yoke and sleeves models were made in the form of webs, creating the effect of nudity. Closed top decorated with lace sleeves, bright finish, pearl beads and simply can not cause an increased interest.

Although open back and the so topped the list of the most fashionable and sought-after items, wedding dresses very intensive use of this trend, while adding new and even more juicy details. This season, designers will delight of fans of those dresses with open back, creating a dress in which open spaces can be anywhere, and it does not look vulgar, on the contrary, gave the impression that designers play in the strands with lace. Moreover, you will appreciate a lovely dress with an open back, daring neckline. Also, you will have the chance to admire the lace on the back, dresses with slits and other details that are exquisitely naked bride.

Main [TRENDS] in Wedding 2017 | Dresses and more

Perhaps some brides believe that a transparent corset – a throwback 90’s, but let’s take a look at it through the eyes of famous designers. Elegant design the waist may give the kind of classic lush dresses, dresses for prom, and some designs of wedding dresses has been successfully combine full skirt and corset, made in the style of underwear. Decorated with delicate lace, crystals, beads and pearls, it has nothing to do with the underwear, on the contrary, it can be an ideal choice for summer wedding dresses.


Given that the modern fashion for sexual choices to open back in wedding dresses, it was possible to predict that sooner or later demand will be huge dresses with deep, daring neckline, since delight is to cause not only back the bride. Among the fashionable trends of wedding dresses of the year you can see a great variety of forms, types and methods for the cut in the neck area. Some designers try as much as possible to bare cleavage, while others on the contrary hide it under the lace, mesh and other interesting items.

How wonderful and unusual wedding dress might look in 2017, with fluttering butterflies on the skirt or corset! Dresses decorated with wonderful flowers, sewn from expensive fabric, left no one indifferent bride. in 3D style elements have been used by designers in previous seasons, but it was in the wedding dresses they look really cryptic. Bulk items can decorate absolutely any part of the wedding dress, beginning and ending with a skirt corset straps or belt.


Feathers – an accessory that different generations of fashionistas adorned their outfits from the ladies of high society to dancers from the musical “Chicago”. The designers do not cease to use feathers and decorate them the various elements of wedding dresses: corsets, skirts, and sometimes all dress from top to bottom. The classic wedding dress, expertly trimmed with feathers, is of particular note of festivity, it looks original, stylish and air. Especially this trend can be seen in the collection of Vera Wang dresses.

Several seasons recommend that brides wedding fashion is reflected in colored wedding dresses. Dresses 2017 are no exception, and support multi-colored trend with a touch of romance. Designers are advised us not only plain dress, but also a model, decorated with different prints. Wedding dresses with color prints look as if the artist was on them with his brush.