что такое мода и зачем одеваться модно?

Nowadays there is a lot of information about fashion, beauty and recommended lifestyle, healthy eating, etc. And sometimes it is confusing and it is often difficult to find something really worthwhile out of this diversity, whether it is clothing or motivational book. I believe that the choice is easier than it sounds.

Trends can be seen every day, and of course you can choose the taste you like more. It’s never been easier to choose something in a shop or online, as there are so many options in each area right now. I always prefer the comfort, local brands from different countries and classics. Since all are now trying to be unique and inimitable, I choose what I really love, and the brands which are not known to almost anyone (that make quality clothing / footwear) and can be bought at the right price for example in Italy. Such things I always appreciate and tend to wear for a long time, and they can be used in many looks. And, as a rule, these clothes/shoes are like the classics and make the image truly unique. If you take for example a blouse from H & M, Jeans from Bonprix, and shoes from the local Italian brand – all of course, will pay attention to the shoes, because the accessories and shoes almost always make the image more interesting.

что такое мода и зачем одеваться модно?

There is an unwritten rule that the clothes should cost less ерфт shoes and handbags, because it is shoes and bags that finally make a difference (about accessories I cant say too much because I usually do not use many 🙂 ). I agree with this rule and I think that in the first place we need comfort (which, incidentally, can also be fashionable), and quality items. Trend / relevance of the things is not that important, because, I believe, if you buy things in the stores of fast fashion, you will never buy there something that is not trendy. That is why it’s very simple to get things there, always being fashionable.

With the advent of “fast fashion” such as Zara, H & M, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Forever 21, everyone can be fashionable today, because the range of prices is large and there are a lot of inexpensive options. Now it is easy to follow the trend that you can choose from a variety of collections of brands around the world and, as the fashion is very versatile, selecting any of the fast fashion stores you will always be in the trend. There are undeniable advantages of fast fashion – price, choice and relevance of things, shoes and accessories.

Why should we be fashionable? If you do not like the fashion world – just do not pay attention to it. If you are interested in it – you can always pick yourself some trends from spring / summer or current year and be happy to wear. Fashion does not dictate the rules to anyone to dress or to buy something expensive and unnecessary, but fashionable. Fashion is primarily created from inspiration and for inspiration, to discover your own taste in clothes, shoes and accessories, to love yourself, and choose the best of what you can afford.