JEFEN by Frankie Xie

Just look at this JEFEN collection! I’d name it Dark Elegance, because of the impression they have on me – beautiful, elegant and serious. Everything in harmony. Those looks are very versatile, as you can use them daily, on special occasions and by combining them it is really easy to achieve some mysterious image. Frankie Xie has managed to balance the whole collection the way that you feel comfortable to mix the items the way you want and you know that it is hard to make a mistake in mixing the looks, it is almost impossible, as items “cooperate” really good between themselves, making it easy for you to wear what you want and to look stylish all the time. More looks can be found here.

Here are some of the looks of JEFEN by Frankie Xie:

JEFEN by Frankie Xie JEFEN by Frankie JEFEN JEFEN Chinese