N.paia vibes

This N.paia collection looks very minimalistic, simple, but extremely elegant and very pleasant to observe as it has many details that form this special style of being semi-formal and very elegant at the same time. Black, white, dark blue, pink and red are some of the colors that the designer has chosen to express the views that make us want to combine the items and to choose from the wide range of presented looks. More photos to get inspired / to choose from the N.paia are here.

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Here are some Wedding Inspiration from Shenbai, directly from China.

This elegant feminine collection from Shenbai is full of colorful and stylish options for Wedding / Special Occasions that will make your image differ from the majority. You will be able to highlight your mood, individuality and creativity. Colors that dominate in the collection are white, black, blue, green (the Greenery trend is ON this year, according to Pantone), pink, red, and ivory. Full Shenbai collection can be found here.

Shenbai wedding Shenbai wedding dress Shenbai wedding dress vibes Shenbai wedding 2017 Shenbai wedding vibes 2017 Shenbai dresses Shenbai dresses

Gareth Pugh fashion

A new collection by Gareth Pugh – precise lines and futuristic design with carefully chosen colors represents an outstanding collection for Women that, from the first glance, makes them feel more secure and powerful. Brave, comfortable, and beautiful are just some of the adjectives to describe it. For your convenience, Gareth Pugh full collection of new photos , welcome to enjoy!

Some of the favorites:

Gareth Pugh Gareth Pugh new collection Gareth Pugh 2017 Gareth Pugh Chinese


Modern elegance – this is one of the terms I find the most appropriate to describe the current collection – Ellassay. Minimalism and precise design show the elegance and the modern vibes in each item. White, black, blue, holographic, metallic are the colors among others that the designer of Ellassay uses to implement the modern views.

More photos from the collection can be found here:

ELLASSAY Chinese ELLASSAY Chinese fashion ELLASSAY Chinese vibes


Creative futuristic looks with a lot of white involved and beautiful tones of blue color form a part of Hikari Cup collection, with 3D design elements and diverse creative elements. The collection reflects inspirational spring vibes among others, which sets in the mood of lightness and something new. More looks of Hikari Cup you can find here.

Below are a few of the Spring Inspirations:




By looking at this JEANSWEST collection, which is a part of casual wear in Chinese Fashion, we can see that it reflects comfort and creativity. We can see a variety of looks for men and women to get inspired, to feel the quality and certain simplicity at the same time with a splash of color and small details that definitely change the look.

Below are some looks for you to get inspired / to choose from. More you can find here.