This post I want to dedicate to these two brands Suti (UK) and Sea Flora (Canada). About the brands Suti Sea Flora and I have learned recently and what struck me – the carefully chosen ingredients sand that these brands use glass jars. I believe that when there is a better choice to choose cosmetics with organic ingredients I advice to choose organic as such cosmetics is improving skin condition. My philosophy is that it is better to have fewer Skin Care products, but the quality should be higher. Often I choose high-quality universal products that allow me to enjoy more quality but they are not very cheap.

The first product – Sea Flora Rich Laminaria – Moisturizing Cream for oily and normal skin. The volume is 60 ml. It is suitable for combination, oily and aging skin. Sea Flora Rich Laminaria has a very user-friendly dispenser and pleasant, faint aroma of herbs. It is quickly absorbed and hydrates the skin well, I liked to use it 2 times a day. Packaging of the cream is made of glass, which indicates the high quality and safety of the product. Since I usually do not use face cream on a regular basis (usually I replace it with coconut oil or gel with aloe vera), this product, which has the ingredients in its composition is much better and more effective. I advise you to get acquainted with this Canadian brand Sea Flora if you are still not familiar with it.

The second product: Suti Rose Water – Toning spray tonic for the face. The volume of the product is 100 ml. Since I am a big fan of sprays for the face / thermal water, etc. to me this kind of product is a must for every day. When I first tried Toning spray tonic for from the company Suti – it immediately attracted the attention of a very light aroma of roses and facial skin immediately became moist. I think that in the spring and summer, you can even forget your moisturizer, as the action and the quality of this product can completely replace it. In summary, I want to say that such a high-quality product, which is so pleasant to use, is very easy to distinguish from the standard spray or thermal water that is even more expensive than the segment of the mass market. The big plus as it is that it can be used as a tonic and spray ob the face. It is always a pleasure to use such products with a truly natural compounds that do not cause allergies, and that really give the result. So if you have a choice – I advise you to choose products of a high-quality, such as Suti Rose Water.

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