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Good Morning! In this post I would like to share my opinion about the makeup brushes 🙂

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Eco Tools

Let’s start with Ecotools – a set for beginners, which seemed to me a perfect step to get acquainted with the world of make-up and to have a basic set of brushes for eye makeup. The set includes 5 brushes and comfortable cotton cover (by the way very comfortable travel option / take with you every day as a very compact) – I bought it from iHerb sooo long ago and are no longer identical to the set, the closest in design is this one:

eco tools

Eco Tools Site

In 2010, a set cost about $ 6. This set I used a couple of years, bought the eyeshadow on ebay and it was quite enough. I think that this set is perfect for exploring the makeup for “training” and to understand whether you have enough brushes or you need to buy more. The EcoTools set can be easily purchased at iHerb and quality of the brushes is very worthy. When the fashion for a more comprehensive eye/face makeup appeared – I decided that I needed brushes for blush, highlighter, powder, contouring etc. So I had to choose a new set in 2012 🙂 I have chosen a set of Beauties Factory, which consists of 35 brushes in a large convenient case at the time, perfect for make-up artists 🙂 The kit also cost about $ 34.

Beauties Factory

beauties factory

When I ordered this set, I did not think it would have so many extra brushes for eye makeup. So I had to share 🙂 Many brushes are duplicated and for 2 people this set would be just great, maybe even for 3 🙂 I think that this set is ideal for make-up, in which case it will be enough on a budget in comparison with other options of sets and single brushes. In summary, I want to say that the purchase was not justified and the quality of some of the brushes is not so good. So I am now in search of the perfect brushes for makeup, and I am choosing among the Real Techniques, Zoeva, and Tarte. There is also a version of the Sigma, and many other brands, but on the whole more positive reviews I hear from the Real Techniques, Zoeva, and Tarte brushes. I think that it’s best to choose 5-6 of brushes from these brands, which you will actually use every day and have a great set of high quality brushes.

Each of these brands Real Techniques, Zoeva, and Tarte has its pros and cons, but I think that for beginners kits from Zoeva would be great option. In my opinion at Zoeva has many different options in sets for make-up base / for beginners. They are just optimal, there is are most desired brushes in the sets and every set is convenient. For those who love to use brushes every day, either as for make-up artists, in Zoeva there are plenty of single brushes from which you can create your perfect set. Brushes from Real Techniques, in my opinion, as well as Zoeva are represented in sets and single as well, so you can pick the perfect rush set for you. Tarte – is even more luxurious brand, that has many options of very high-quality brushes, they are very nice and presentable, they also look expensive. There are many brushes of Tarte to contour the face and they are very versatile.

The examples of the sets of Real Techniques, Zoeva, and Tarte:

Real Techniques

real techniques


zoeva brushes

zoeva brushes




tarte brush

tarte brush


If you have favourite makeup brushes please share them in the comments!  🙂