Wedding Dresses for the non-traditional & classic Bride 2017

Another Fashion Week that highlighted latest wedding trends is over, which means that it is time to analyze fashion trends in wedding fashion in 2017. Are you ready to see the most beautiful wedding dresses fashionable in 2017? Learn all the trends in wedding fashion which must know each bride and see new items in 2017!

At the Bridal Fashion Week in New York and Barcelona had a lot of beautiful wedding dresses which will dream bride 2017. The delicious wedding dresses for classic bride, and for “non-traditional” – a bold and original. But the choice of “that” always dress for the bride. And fashion designers and wedding brands in 2017 give us a huge selection of wedding dresses. You want advice from a stylist? Do not be afraid to try on wedding dresses that are different from what you dreamt when you were a child. Maybe it is the wedding dress will be for you, “thereby”.

Key fashion trends of wedding dresses in 2017:  If your wedding will be held in 2017 and you want to stay on top of fashion trends – for you my guide to trends in wedding fashion in 2017.

Trend – High collar

Perhaps one of the most exciting fashion trends in the world of wedding dresses. Collar Front is a compulsory part of the classic wedding dress of the late 19th and early 20th century, which we almost never seen in recent years. But the wedding dress with high collar 2017 – is not only for a classic wedding dresses, but wedding dresses and bold, in which translucent mesh and organza plays an exciting game of “visible-not visible”.

Wedding Dresses for the non-traditional & classic Bride 2017

Trend – Delicate pastel

For several seasons, pink is a key fashion color for brides. The Wedding Collection 2017, we see it represented again in many colors, from delicate powdery pink to bright magenta.

In spring and summer 2017 soft blue is also a good alternative if you do not like pink, but you want a beautiful color wedding dress unusual color.